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Barbara O'Brien

The Condition of Life

By August 27, 2012

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 Mariec | Dreamstime.comThe improbably named Verlyn Klinkenborg writes about rural life for the New York Times and several other publications. I just want to call your attention to today's piece about the vining plants attaching themselves to his house.

"I grew up thinking of nature as a collection of species, each one self-reliant and independent, the way a good farmer was supposed to be. It's an illusion we cling to. But nature is nothing like that, of course.

"It knits and unravels and reknits. At times, it looks to me as though organisms conspire, as when a weaker vine climbs a stronger one to get to the clapboards sooner. The one thing no species can ever be is self-reliant. Being entangled is the condition of life itself."

Being entangled is the condition of life itself. Dependent origination in a nutshell! And let's not forget Indra's Net. Nothing is really separate; we just think it is.

August 28, 2012 at 2:10 am
(1) Hein says:

Nothing is really separate; we just think it is.

And one does not even have to look further than one’s one life and skandhas to realise that! I find every time I get agitated in the mind, the body suffers and if the body suffers an ailment then the mind suffers. A simple thing like a blocked nose causes my whole body (not only the nose and sinusis to ache and pain.

But is goes further. I tend to think I will self medicate (sometimes it help), but ultimately I will go for a traditional Thai Massage or to my acupunturist/herbalist. Both treatments give me a “lift” and I am soon better much sooner than “medicating myself”. Then I realise the “blocked nose” was caused by something outside myself. Dust, dry air, eating too much, eating an abundance of dairy products (like cheese) and wheat. Just plain and simple ignorant (unmindful) of one’s body. Then I turn to my practice again and the cycle of continue…

September 2, 2012 at 9:46 am
(2) ZenPresence says:

The teaching of “entanglement” & interconnectedness has helped me tremendously. It has helped me to get past my “self” a little and see the bigger picture. Thanks for the reminder.


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