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History of Buddhism in China: The First Thousand Years
A condensed 1000-year history of Buddhism in China, from the year 1 to 1000 CE.
About Buddhism: History, Teachings, and More
Find out more about Buddhism's origins, doctrines, and the distinctive features of its major schools to understand how Buddhism impacts our world.
Early Buddhist History: The First Five Centuries
Buddhism in Japan - A history of Buddhism in Japan · Chinese Buddhism - History of Buddhism in China · Life of the Buddha · Historic Buddhist Temples of ...
History of Buddhism - Timeline
History Buddhism: Timeline of events, people and places BCE.
How Buddhism Came to Tibet - About.com
This is a brief history of Tibetan Buddhism from in 641 CE, when King Songtsen Gampo unified Tibet and married two Buddhist princesses, to 1642, when the ...
A History of Buddhism - About.com
The History of Buddhism began with the life of the Buddha in the 6th century BCE and continues to the present day. Buddhism encompasses an enormous ...
Religion & Violence: Recognizing Violence in Buddhist History
Jan 25, 2010 ... The New Buddhism: The Western Transformation of an Ancient Tradition · About Buddhism: History, Teachings, and More · Growth and Change ...
Shingon - Shingon is an esoteric sect of Japanese Buddhism
Nichiren Buddhism · Chinese Buddhism - History of Buddhism in China · Tiantai - Tendai or Tiantai is a school of Buddhism · Zen Buddhism -- A Brief ...
How Mahayana Buddhism Began: Origins of Mahayana Buddhism
Mahayana's precise origins are a mystery, but it emerged as a separate school of Buddhism in about the 1st century BCE. Today it is the dominant form of ...
Zen in Buddhism Introduction (What Is It?) - About.com
This is a bare-bones introduction to Zen Buddhism for those who don't know Zen from spinach. It includes a brief history of the school and the Zen definition of ...
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