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Buddhism, Religion or Philosophy (Which Is It?) - About.com
Is Buddhism a philosophy or a religion? Clarifying this point is important to understanding Buddhism.
Nagarjuna -- Nagarjuna, Buddhist Philosopher
Nagarjuna was a patriarch of Mahayana Buddhism and the founder of the Madhyamika school. Although little is known about his life, he is well remembered in ...
Atheism and Devotion in Buddhism - About.com
If atheism is the absence of belief in gods, then many Buddhists are atheists. ... I have addressed the question of whether Buddhism is a philosophy or a religion ...
Buddhism Basic Beliefs and Teachings - About.com
There's more to Buddhism than shaving one's head and being blissful. Here is an introduction to ... Read More: Buddhism: Philosophy or Religion? Read More: ...
Madhyamika -- Madhyamika Is a Mahayana Buddhist Philosophy
Madhyamika was an early school of Mahayana Buddhism that focused on shunyata, or emptiness.
The Practice of Buddhism - Formalities & Philosophy
Being a Buddhist is not a matter of accepting a belief system or memorizing doctrines. To be a Buddhist is to practice Buddhism. This section discusses Buddhist ...
Zen Buddhist Philosophy - Best Quotes - About.com
Zen is famous in the West thanks to its short, elliptical, yet intriguing proverbs and sayings. Here is a list of some famous Zen quotations.
Zen in Buddhism Introduction (What Is It?) - About.com
Bodhidharma's teachings tapped into some developments already in progress, such as the confluence of philosophical Taoism with Buddhism. Taoism so ...
Madhyamika -- Madhyamika Is a Cornerstone of Mahayana Buddhism
Yogachara was another philosophical school of Buddhism that emerged about the same time as Madhyamika. Yogachara is also called the “Mind Only” school ...
The Matrix Movie, Religion, and Buddhism - Agnosticism / Atheism
Although the presence of Christian themes is strong in The Matrix, the influence of Buddhism is equally powerful and evident. Indeed, the basic philosophical ...
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