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Buddhism, Religion or Philosophy (Which Is It?) - About.com
Given the degree to which religion still inspires human conflict, and impedes genuine inquiry, I believe that merely being a self-described 'Buddhist' is to be ...
Madhyamika -- Madhyamika Is a Mahayana Buddhist Philosophy
Madhyamika was an early school of Mahayana Buddhism that focused on shunyata, or emptiness.
Atheism and Devotion in Buddhism - About.com
I have addressed the question of whether Buddhism is a philosophy or a religion ... One school of Buddhist philosophy, Madhyamika, says that phenomena exist ...
Zen Buddhist Philosophy - Best Quotes - About.com
Zen philosophy is a prominent school of Buddhism, influenced by Laozi's teachings. Developed within the Mahayana tradition, it flourished in China between the ...
Buddhism Basic Beliefs and Teachings - About.com
Read More: Buddhism: Philosophy or Religion? Read More: Atheism and ... The major outline of Buddhist practice is the Eightfold Path. Read More: What Do ...
The Practice of Buddhism - Formalities & Philosophy
Being a Buddhist is not a matter of accepting a belief system or memorizing doctrines. To be a Buddhist is to practice Buddhism. This section discusses Buddhist ...
Attachment and Buddhism -- Buddhist Teachings on Attachment and ...
"[A]ccording to the Buddhist point of view, nonattachment is exactly the opposite of separation. You need .... Buddhism: Is It a Philosophy or Religion? Buddhism ...
The Matrix Movie, Religion, and Buddhism - Agnosticism / Atheism
But is that enough to call the Matrix movies Buddhist movies? ... Profiles of Different Branches of Philosophy · Philosophy of Religion: What is Religion?
Buddhist Teachings About Greed and Desire - Buddhism - About.com
From a Buddhist perspective, however, the distinction between greed and desire is artificial. To want ... Buddhism: Is It a Philosophy or Religion? Buddhism As ...
War and Buddhism - Buddhist Views of War - About.com
Buddhist Teachings on War ... Buddhist scholars say there is no justification for war in Buddhist teaching. .... Buddhism: Is It a Philosophy or Religion? Buddhism  ...
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