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Buddhist Monk Robes - The Saffron Robe - Buddhism - About.com
Laos Buddhist monks stand next to Wat Xieng Thong during the Songkran festival on April 14, 2008, in Luang Prabang, Laos. The Songkran Festival runs from ...
The Buddha's Robe: Cambodian Buddhist Monks' Robes - Buddhism
Theravada is the dominant form of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar) and Laos. The monks in those countries wear very similar ...
Buddhist Monk Robes - Gelugpa Tibetan Monk Robes - Buddhism
Tibetan Buddhist monks debate doctrines at the Jokhang Temple on June 20, 2009 in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, China. Traditionally, Lhasa is the seat  ...
Winchester Cathedral Monks - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Noted ghost researcher Hans Holzer took this picture in Winchester Cathedral, which might show the ghosts of monks in procession.
Shaolin Monks | Photo Gallery - Asian History - About.com
The monks of Shaolin Temple in Henan Province, China, are masters of the martial art of kung fu. See photos of Shaolin monks demonstrating different martial ...
Levitation - Crystalinks
Levitation. Levitation (from Latin levitas "lightness") is the process by which an object is suspended by a physical force against gravity, in a stable position ...
History of the Shaolin Monks - Chinese Monastery - Asian History
The monks of China's Shaolin Monastery are known for their fighting prowess, particularly in their own Shaolin style of kung fu. Learn more about this ancient ...
The Buddha's Robe - Images of Buddhist Monks' Robes - Buddhism
The distinctive style of Buddhist monks' robes originated 25 centuries ago among the historical Buddha's disciples. This image gallery illustrates the original ...
Buddhist Monk Robes - Karma Kagyu Tibetan Robe - Buddhism
Monks at the Samye Ling Buddhist Monastery and Tibetan Centre, prepare for prayers in the temple June 5, 2007 in Eskdalemuir in Scotland. The centre largest  ...
Shaolin Kung Fu - Kung Fu Monks of Shaolin - Buddhism - About.com
Photo gallery of images of China's Shaolin Monastery and its martial arts monks. The 15-century-old monastery is the birthplace of Zen Buddhism and of its own ...
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