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Tripitaka, Tipitika (Pali Canon) - Definition - Buddhism - About.com
The Tripitaka (Sanskrit for "three baskets"; "Tipitika" in Pali) is the earliest collections of Buddhist scripture. There are several versions, the oldest and most  ...
How the Tripitaka Came to Be Written - Buddhism - About.com
The earliest written scriptures of Buddhism are collected in the Tripitaka, also called the Pali Canon. It was preserved for generations by oral recitation.
The Tripitaka or Pali Canon - Buddhism - About.com
The Tripitaka (Sanskrit, "three baskets") is the earliest collections of Buddhist scripture. There are several versions, the oldest and most complete of which is ...
Buddhist Scriptures - Directions for Practice - Buddhism - About.com
The scriptures of the Theravada school are collected in a work called the Tipitaka (or Tripitaka in Sanskrit). The Pali word Tipitaka means "three baskets," which ...
The Dhammapada - Collection of Sayings of the Buddha - Buddhism
This slim volume of 423 short verses from the Pali Tripitaka is sometimes called the Buddhist Book of Proverbs. It is a treasury of gems that illuminate and inspire.
Buddhism Basics - Start Here to Learn About Buddhism
The first, and oldest, is the Tripitaka, of which the best-known version is the Pali Canon. The works of the Tripitaka are acknowledged to have come from the ...
Metta Sutta - The Buddha's Teachings of Loving Kindness - Buddhism
It is from a part of the Tripitaka called the Sutta Nipata, which is in the Sutra-pitaka , or Sutra Basket, of the Tripitaka. Monks of the Theravada school frequently ...
About the Buddhist Sutta-pitaka, the second section of the Tipitaka.
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Theravada Buddhism Teachings and Overview - About.com
Its doctrines are taken from the Tripitaka , and its basic teachings begin with the Four Noble Truths. Above all, Theravada emphasizes insight gained through ...
Tipitaka - Agnosticism / Atheism - About.com
Alternate Spellings: tripitaka. Common Misspellings: none. Related Resources: What is Theism? What is the difference between monotheism and monolatry?
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