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Moral Issues

Where does Buddhism stand on moral issues such as abortion or sexuality? How do Buddhist understand right and wrong?

Karma and Morality
Understanding karma is essential to understanding Buddhist views of morality.

Buddhism and Abortion - Discuss Buddhist Views on Abortion
Buddhism does consider abortion to be the taking of a human life. At the same time, many western Buddhists are pro-choice. Is being pro-choice consistent with Buddhist teachings?

Does Buddhism Conflict With Science
Do Buddhism and science agree? Do they have to agree? What if they disagree? Most of us, I suspect, in our own heads automatically interpret and "update" the ancient texts to match our knowledge of earth science. The nature of what we are trying to understand does not depend on believing in Four Great Elements rather than atoms and molecules. Is this OK?

Greed and Desire
Desires are inexhaustible, especially in our consumerist culture. What does Buddhism teach about greed and desire?

Buddhist Economics
E.F. Schumacher built an economic theory on Buddhist values. Now his ideas, once considered heresy, seem prophetic.

Thich Nhat Hanh's Five Mindfulness Trainings
Thich Nhat Hanh's Five Mindfulness Trainings are a guide to living a beneficial and joyful life. Here is a brief introduction.

War and Buddhism
Buddhism opposes war, but sometimes Buddhists must go to war. Buddhism values pacifism, yet Buddhism is associated with martial arts. What does Buddhism teach about war?

Dealing With Anger: Readers Respond
Anger. Rage. Fury. Wrath. Whatever you call it, it happens to all of us, including Buddhists. However much we value loving kindness, we Buddhists are still human beings, and sometimes we get angry. How do you work with anger in your practice?

Sex and Buddhism
Buddhism challenges us to think about sexual ethics and morals very differently from the way most of us have been taught to think about them. What does Buddhism teach about sex?

Buddhism and Morality
The Buddhist Approach to morality avoids absolutes and rigid commandments. Instead, Buddhists are encouraged to weigh and analyze situations to come to their own decisions about what is moral.

Buddhism and Evil
This essay explores common conceptualizations of evil and compares them to Buddhist teachings on evil.

Buddhism and Abortion
Buddhism teaches that abortion is the taking of a human life, but at the same time most Buddhists are reluctant to interfere with a woman's personal decision to abort. From a Buddhist perspective, these positions are not contradictory.

Anger and Buddhism
Anger is a poison and an obstacle to enlightenment, the Buddha said. Yet we all get angry. What does Buddhism teach about dealing with anger?

Buddhism and Vegetarianism
The historical Buddha and his disciples were not vegetarians. Why then did vegetarianism come to be associated with Buddhism?

The Three Poisons
In Buddhism, the Three Poisons, or Three Unwholesome Roots, are the source of all "evil" and harmful attitudes.

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