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The Paramitas

The Paramitas or perfections are guides for Buddhist practice.

The Six Perfections
In Mahayana Buddhism, the Six Perfections are the bases of training for those who seek enlightenment.

Virya Paramita
Virya paramita means perfection of energy or zeal. It is one of the paramitas, or perfections, of Buddhism.

Dana Paramita
Giving to others is essential to the practice of Buddhism. However, one's motivation for giving to others is at least as important as what is given.

Prajna Paramita
Prajna Paramita, the perfection of wisdom, is the realization of sunyata, or "emptiness." This is a doctrine of Mahayana Buddhism that is widely misunderstood. What is "emptiness" and why is it important?

Ksanti Paramita
Perfection of patience or forbearance is an essential part of Buddhist practice.

Dhyana Paramita
Dhyana Paramita, perfection of meditation, is one of the Mahayana Buddhist Six Paramitas.

Sila Paramita
Sila paramita, perfection of morality, is one of the perfections of Buddhism. This article explains how morality is understood in Buddhism.

Energizing Your Buddhist Practice - How do you cultivate energy?
How do you revive a tired, discouraged practice? Give us your tips or stories.

The Ten Perfections of Theravada Buddhism
The Ten Perfections of Theravada Buddhism are from early Buddhist texts.

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