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Glossary of Buddhist Terms -- K

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These are just the briefest of definitions of Buddhist terms starting with K. Click on the term for more explanation of its meaning. Scroll down past the Sponsored Links for more terms.

Kalachakra is a system of tantra yoga practiced in Tibetan Buddhism.

Karma means "intentional action" and refers to the universal law of cause and effect.

Karuna is compassion, active sympathy and gentle affection.

Kensho is the direct and intimate experience of enlightenment in Zen Buddhism.

In Zen Buddhism, koans are small presentations of the nature of ultimate reality, usually in the form of a paradox.

Kwan Yin
Kwan Yin is one of the many names of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva. Others are Kanzeon or Kannon (Japan) and Chenrezig (Tibet).

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