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Tendai, Tiantai, T'ien-t'ai



The Tiantai school of Mahayana Buddhism is known primarily for its syncretization of the teachings of many schools. It is also the first Mahayana school to pay special attention to the Lotus Sutra.

Although Tiantai considers Nagarjuna to be its founding patriarch, historians say that Tiantai first emerged as a distinctive school from the teachings of Zhiyi (also spelled Chih-i; 538–597). The school is named for Tiantai Mountain in what is now Zhejiang Province, China, where Zhiyi lived and worked for many years. Tiantai was established in Japan in the 9th century by Saicho (767-822; also called Dengyo Daishi) and in Korea in the 11th century by Uicheon (1055-1101).

Also Known As: The Lotus School
Alternate Spellings: Cheontae (Korean), Tendai (Japanese), Tiantai or T'ian-tai (Chinese)

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