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The Buddhism Body Art Project

A Collection of Buddhist Tattoos


Buddhas, bodhisattvas, tantric gods and goddesses, wrathful dharma protectors, demons and Asian calligraphy are favorite tattoo subjects around the world. The Buddhism Body Art Project is dedicated to presenting Buddhist tattoos sent in by About.com Buddhism readers and others.

The photo gallery will remain open for new contributions. If you'd like your or your friend's tattoo to be included, please email me with the image attached. The ideal image should be at least 730k in size (smaller will be considered if it's really good) and be clearly in focus. The tattoo should have a real Buddhist theme, not something Asian or generic martial arts. I will need permission from the photographer and, preferably, of the person whose body part is in the photo. I'd like also to know the name of the tattoo artist.

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Medicine Buddha TattooBuddhism Body Art Project: Medicine BuddhaEarth witness Buddha tattooBuddhism Body Art Project: Earth Witness BuddhaKwan Yin tattooBuddhism Body Art Project: GuanyinBuddha's Eyes TattooBuddhism Body Art Project: Buddha's Eyes
Endless Knot TattooBuddhism Body Art Project: Endless KnotGaruda TattooBuddhism Body Art Project: Garuda Buddha's Head TattooBuddhism Body Art Project: Buddha's HeadDharma Wheel TattooBuddhism Body Art Project: Dharma Wheel
Dharma Wheels and a LotusBuddhism Body Art Project: Lotus and Dharma WheelsDharma Wheel TattooBuddhism Body Art Project: Framed Dharma Wheel
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