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Big Buddhas: A Photo Gallery

The World's Biggest Buddhas


The image of the Buddha is one of the world's most familiar icons, representing wisdom and compassion. From time to time, people have been moved to erect really big buddhas. Some of these are among the largest statues in the world.

Which of the giant buddhas of Asia is the biggest? Some say it's the Leshan Buddha of Sichuan Province, China, a seated stone giant 233 feet (71 meters) tall. But what about the Monywa Buddha of Burma, a reclining image stretching 294 feet (90 meters)? Or the bronze Ushiku Buddha of Japan, which stands 394 feet (120 meters)?

A 502-foot (153 meters) standing buddha is being erected in Lushan, Henan, China. In Guifeng, China, stonemasons are working on a reclining buddha statue that will be 1,365 feet (416 meters) long. There are plans to build a 500-foot (152 meters) bronze seated Maitreya Buddha at Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh in northern India. At the moment, the Ushiku Buddha may still be the world's biggest buddha. Or maybe not.

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Leshan BuddhaBig Buddhas: The Leshan BuddhaUshiku Amida BuddhaBig Buddhas: The Ushiku Amida BuddhaBurma Reclining BuddhaBig Buddhas: The Monywa BuddhaTian Tan BuddhaBig Buddhas: The Tian Tan Buddha
Great Buddha at LingshanBig Buddhas: The Great Buddha at LingshanNihonji DaibutsuBig Buddhas: The Nihonji Daibutsu
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