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The Buddha's Robe in Korea

Big and Little Korean Chogye Monks


Big and little monks in South Korea wear big and little kashaya robes.
Korean Chogye Monks

Children are dressed in robes by monks at a Chogye temple in Seoul, South Korea. Chogye is a school of Korean Zen Buddhism. Children stay at the temple for 22 days to learn about Buddhism.

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

In Korea, as in China and Japan, it is common for monks to wrap the kashaya robe over a sleeved robe. Also as in China and Japan, robes can come in a variety of colors and styles.

Every year, this Chogye (Korean Zen) monastery in Seoul "ordains" children temporarily, shaving their heads and dressing them in monks' robes. The children will live in the monastery for three weeks and learn about Buddhism.

The "little" monks wear "little" kashaya robes in the style of a rakusu (see Photograph 7). The "big" monks wear a traditional kashaya.

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