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Tibetan Deities, Demons, Dakinis and Dharmapalas

Tibetan Buddhism has developed a rich and complex iconography of beautiful and wrathful beings.

The Eight Principal Dharmapalas
They're they're wrathful, they're terrifying, and they're the good guys. Dharmapalas are fearsome creatures of Vajrayana Buddhism who aid and protect Buddhists.

The Wheel of Life
The Wheel of Life presents the cycle of birth and rebirth to Tibetan Buddhists. At once terrifying and beautiful, wrathful and peaceful, the Wheel -- called the "Bhavachakra" -- shows a progression through realms of gods, demons, animals, hell beings and hungry ghosts, and finally humans. Here is an illustrated look at the separate sections of...

Tibetan Buddhist Wall Paintings: A Photographic Survey
A photographic survey of the wall paintings of three Tibetan monasteries provides a look at the cosmic heroes and warriors, wrathful demons, and angelic beings of Tibetan Buddhist art.

Tara - Buddhist Goddess and Archetype of Compassion
Tara is one of the most familiar figures of Tibetan Buddhist iconography. Here is a simple introduction explaining who she is and what she represents.

Yama - Buddhist Icon of Hell and Impermanence
The wrathful, terrifying Yama can be found throughout Buddhist scriptures and art. Although he is frightening, he's a good guy.

Wrathful Deities of Buddhism
Many wrathful and terrifying characters are depicted in Buddhist art and scripture, but most of them aren't "evil." Sometimes they are teachers and protectors.

Palden Lhamo

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