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Readers Respond: Tell Us What You Wish People Knew About Buddhism

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From the article: Misunderstanding Buddhism
Buddhists want to get enlightened so they can be blissed out all the time. And they believe in reincarnation, and if something bad happens to you it's because of something you did in a past life. And Buddhists have to be vegetarians. Everybody knows that. Unfortunately, much of what "everybody knows" about Buddhism isn't true. What do you think are the most common things people believe about Buddhism that are not true? Have Your Say

Few things

So to begin. First off, we are not psychopaths. How small minded of you to say such things. So to clear a few things up. !: We work very hard to strip ourselves of a hyper sense of "SELF". As in, me mine I own, created, command. Not our identity but our selfish needs. 2: Not all of us are pacifists. While we try to utilize every effort we can to avoid violence. Unfortunately at times we must take violent steps to secure the life of us and our loved ones. Like being robbed, life threatened, destruction or revocation of our homes. 3: Use common sense. A lot of misconceptions could be prevented if you would stop and mull such contrivance with a clear mind you would see most of the stigma would fall away. To end. If you want to know about Buddhism, ask us. The great thing is we do not operate under conversion statues like the Abrahamic religions. We can actually give you insight into our ways without making you feel like you have to do it too.
—Guest Steven


Dont be scared of being buddhist. It is the most compassionate and self revealing as well as the most beautiful my master krishnas!
—Guest Truth

Nobody knows what they're talking about

First of all people, there is not only one Buddha. The point of Buddhism is to become a Buddha. Bhudda is a title, NOT a person. Second of all, there is no "self" in bhuddism, because you are changing every second. To the guy who thinks they're psychopaths, not only are you grossly misinformed about what they believe, you're also a moron. Third, Bhuddism IS a religion. There are gods, rituals, beliefs, and spiritual leaders such as an arhat or a Buddha. To the lady saying Confucianism influenced Bhuddism: no. Bhuddism is about the same age and was founded in different part of the world. Bhuddism reached china but Confuscianism didn't reach nepal/india.
—Guest bhuddismstudent


There is a quote that says "The one who conquers the mind conquers the world". This is basically what Buddhism is all about. Every perception you have, every feeling is created by your mind. The Joy, sorrow, sadness and all other mental projections are created inside the mind itself and not in the objects or entities that evoke them. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" rings true in this essence because beauty is a mental construct we assign to a certain object/person which necessarily doesn't mean others will do the same. After centuries of physical development where we are looking for the answers in the cosmos, we have barely begun to tap the potential of our own mind. The importance of Buddha is that in the very literal meaning of the term, he is awakened to the true reality. The entry point in to understanding the mind is to watch its activity. To see how it reacts to stimuli. Read more on Meditation (Anapana Sati) where you observe your breath and contemplate on its nature.
—Guest Randy

How to become Nirvana

You can't become Nirvana without some form of psychedelic until we evol. See all that nothingness is to make your brain believe it's dead which release your DMT and may send you to judgement and maybe back to Source. This is from personal experience...First believe there is a GOD (whatever you call it) Second Always Forgive everyone and everything ALWAYS forgive. Love everything as if it was Source in front of you. See Source in Everything. Virgin Consciousness (the art of no thought). If you use a drug or and isolation chamber as you meditate it will release your DMT.Blance the yin and yang but, cast your thought to the right/light side (you will know what I mean when you get there). Use your heart (asfor act out of LOVE) in everything you do. Why do you think Buddhist is always about cultivate the heart because, as Jesus said the "mink in heart will see the face of GOD." Never stop until you become Nirvana. So Being One with Source is Nirvana. Any questions email me ;)
—Guest BacFromNIRVANA

BUddhists are psycopaths

"it teaches that beings and phenomena have no intrinsic existence". This is the premise that allows us to dismiss the soul. You cannot destroy your own soul without being a psychopath That is the very definition of a psychopath - no conscious care or respect for the feelings of others . And if you destroy your own soul (feelings) you have no respect for other souls either. Buddhsim is all about soul destruction. You have to be a pscychopath to be a good Buddhist. Guranteed the Dali Lama is a psychopath despite my not knowing the guy or care about his politics. I have lived with many Chinese Buddhists and I know how BUddhism is played out in real life. And I understand why the CHinese Government hates it so much. How can you appeal to a man without a consciounce. IE Buddhist.
—Guest ed


People's next physicality is based on their previous physicality however an ingenuine trait would however get passed on to the next physicality.
—Guest LJ


Rebirth is one of the basic doctrines that a Buddhist has to believe. Because how can you balatantly say that you what's happening to you now is not the retribution from your past karma? Especially if it's good things, it's still a form of "good" retribution.
—Guest Bruce

Actual value of Buddhist practice

The actual value appears to be that some can overcome their emotional reservoir, if their ego defences are not too strong: mine were, so i had to use a bigger hammer to break through them. However, judging from my own subsequent (10 years later) experience of Nirvana/Enlightenment, it is apparent that not only was Siddhartha G. not fully enlightened, but that no Buddhist can be-e.g. the Dalai Lama admits he is not, also that Buddhism does not understand Nirvana. This is the fundamental flaw in Buddhism, the lack of realisation that the Nirvana experience is a grace from God; a temporary being at one outside time and space-hence nothingness except total bliss; absolute completion; infinite love, and immense creative potential as was my experience. It is entirely logical that a person cannot be at one with God-all this has to fall away. In practice the personality; ego, and name are overwhelmed and dissolved in love. What remains is a sense of individuality at the same level as God.
—Guest David Collier

Not a religion

Thanks for a well-written piece that can dispel much delusion. I disagree that Buddhism is a religion in the sense that one can be a practicing Buddhist and consider herself a Catholic or Hindu or an atheist. Yes, in much of the world Buddhism has mystical & devotional elements, but these usually come from the cultural belief of a place in which Buddhism flourishes. Hinduism, Bon, Confusionism: all influenced the growth of Buddhism. In the US, we see American influences changing Buddhism. Look at Insight Meditation centers. Trungpa knew that this country would adapt Buddhism while keeping the word of the Buddha alive & relevant. Buddha spoke of religion or ceremony to dispel superstition & to focus the mind on the present.
—Guest Melissa

wants happiness

to Guest qBzQmePU Buddhism MAY be for You it may also not be for you You just (like many of US including ME) dont know. In our actual state we suffer because we dont know = ignorance
—Guest Minh

misconception about buddhism

the general idea of buddhism is anti- social a buddhist live a life withdrawn from the wolrd. This is not correct
—Guest Minh

Thanks for writing this article

Thanks for writing this article.Most of the time,the "Buddhism isn't a religion" thing is the one bugging me.Yes,it is!Please stop saying it isn't.
—Guest Patrick Mooe

Praying for lord buddha

I've reed in this site,Buddhist followers are praying for Buddha,which is completely wrong,yes we do respect to statues and images of lord Buddha,its not praying,we are never demand any thing from him.but we do follow his theories,which he found over 2500 years a go.please study well before put in to sites,we do not have supreme god to pray,except true nature and practical existence.
—Guest sudeep

All life is precious

Buddhism teaches us that there are two things in common with all minds. Every mind wants happiness and nobody wants to die. If this simple message can spread the world over (If coca cola can exist in the smallest of villages round the world, why not this?) The world would be a better place to live in. People would spend more time on introspection than on execution.
—Guest saket mehta

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