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The Bible and Suicide

Readers Respond: Tell Us What You Wish People Knew About Buddhism

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From the article: Misunderstanding Buddhism
Buddhists want to get enlightened so they can be blissed out all the time. And they believe in reincarnation, and if something bad happens to you it's because of something you did in a past life. And Buddhists have to be vegetarians. Everybody knows that. Unfortunately, much of what "everybody knows" about Buddhism isn't true. What do you think are the most common things people believe about Buddhism that are not true?


How are you, Vince Cheok?★first reply to [1] Your idea of Buddhism is not correct.→Please don't mienndsrstaud what I meant. I am not criticising Chinul on Son and Hwaom and Wonhyo on pure land. They are all awakened and great monks. And I always read the Buddhist writings and the Bible simultaneously. What I want to say are the shapes of the two writings are different, but the contents have the same wonderful understanding in them. My priest and we Algok presbyterian churches just feel sad and sorry that some of the Christian and the Buddhism have been corrupting these days. They believe in devil gods for blessing who make them rich, promote, and well-fare on earth and after death longing for going to heaven. Rom.1:23 and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of an image of corruptible man and of birds and quadrupeds and reptiles.' Col.3:5a0 Put to death therefore your members which are upon the earth, fornication, uncleanness, vile passions, evil lust, and unbridled desire, which is idolatry. ★second reply to [2] The Bible is not a book that is easy to interpret in spiritual wisdom terms. 2 Ti. 3:16 Every scripture is divinely inspired, and profitable for teaching, for conviction, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. → If you were divinely inspired, then you would know what I mean. I'm not intervene your understanding. This is not a literal interpretation, but God's words in me through the Bible. I mentioned above in a letter to Professor Paul .F. Nitter. Luke 15:4 What man of you having a hundred sheep, and having lost one of them, does not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness and go after that which is lost, until he find it? ★Third reply to your words: Leave it to God! He knows when to inetercede at the right moment. 1 Co.3:5 Who then is Apollos, and who Paul? Ministering servants, through whom ye have believed, and as the Lord has given to each. 1 Co.3:6 *I* have planted; Apollos watered; but God has given the increase. And finally I'm sorry if I hurt you, but I just lament over people who mienndsrstaud me. I just tried to tell you the truth. This is the truth and the law that we could not have met all our lives.Always God bless you and be happy!
—Guest wQIgbeLibzRbwxPdS


I sit, I learn, I wait,Why do I sit, so that I may learn. What do I learn, That I will wait. For what do I wait. "Nothing", what is so hard about that. We complicate it. Its not that hard.
—Guest rick

Happiness in truth? Buddhism is for you

In every religion/philosophy it is common to find inaccurate "gaps" that cannot be reconciled or bridged with reality. Except in Buddhism. And no religion/philosophy has explained life & universe so accurately like Buddhism. Others are driven to seek refuge outside of self in God/s whereas Buddhism shows salvation is within & at your own command. No religion explains the mind and its working so precisely like Buddhism. (Supremacy of mind) Only Buddhism explains minutely how the thoughts happening in mind compels the body to do its commands. Buddhism explains how & why the power of our thought impacts the mind itself - may be fleetingly, temporarily, long time or permanently. Ever wonder how DNA is formed? How genetic patterns occur? Science is now in the process of finding answers for these, whereas Buddha showed reasons long long ago. Only, due to average man's inadequate knowledge about science then He had to stick to then known words. Buddhism is ahead of even science.
—Guest Senaka

95% Philosophy 5% Religion

As the title says, I have watched many videos of senseis and speakers from Theravadan, Mayhayana and most state them selves that Buddhism is not a religion or that it is mostly philosophy, a great speaker Ajahn Brahm from Western Australia puts it as "Buddhism is a religion only for tax purposes", the only part of Buddhism that fits the definition of religion is the part on rebirth and karma which is like 5% of the equation. I my self am a Buddhist and I barely consider it a religion my self, thus I like the phrase 95% philosophy 5% religion as I think it fits well!
—Guest Ryan Farnham

Thank you

Thank you for the information in the article, and thanks to all the people who commented. There is much insight and food for thought in these comments and multiple points of view. More insight than can be found in stacks of books, perhaps.
—Guest Dead on Vacation


Here is a brief story that explains much about reality: http://library.thinkquest.org/22494/stories/Einstein.htm We understand only what we see, so to see more we must be willing to understand more, and vice versa. Fortunately that next item for understanding is always in front of us. Since we as God entire create the entirety we are also creating consciousness of our creation by that same action of seeing without rejection. Meditation is concious uncreation of the time stream, making seeing individual particles easier. There are other ways to do it, in fact simply seeing and understanding will work. The only unbreakable law here is you are you. All else is invention. My experience.

reason of live

In buddhist it is said that,we are on the earth coz we r given chance to nil our sin and enlightment ourself..as you may have think that it is easy? No..it is very guatum buddha himself take 5 year to take enlightment....if we cant enlight ourself we will be in the cycle of birth n death until getting enlightment.
—Guest punk


short&to the point,what do buddist believe in. God? reincarnation? this sort of thing. A baptist minister called them godless heatherns. I am married to a buddist lady.I know her family and other buddists in thailand. they are beautiful people, and I find this very offensive, but I don't know enough to put up an argument for the buddist people that I know and love! thanks, dan
—Guest dan


Thankyou, that was very, very helpful as I have been confused about all these points. They are quite difficult to understand at first.
—Guest Steve A-B

Buddhism is not nihilistic

That nirvana is not "annihilation." That no-self doesn't mean you don't "exist." That emptiness does not mean "nothingness." That Buddhism is not pessimistic. That karma is not some kind of "cosmic vengeance." These seem to be the biggest misunderstandings of Buddhism (and yet they are perhaps the most crucial to understand anything about Buddhism!). I know my own misunderstandings of these things is what kept me from exploring Buddhism for many years.
—Guest ~riverflow


I wish everyone, including Buddhist, would reallize that Buddhism is not a religion.
—Guest Judith

Essence of Buddha Dhamma

Due to"That" there's "This". "That" precedes "This" and that's that, Remove "That" where's "This"? In an orderly, logical and scientific manner, the Buddha revealed the Eternal Law of Cause and Effect to Mankind. Our Mind is our greatest enemy causing us all these sufferings and yet our Mind can also become our one and only greatest friend and deliverer from our sufferings (Dukkha). Such is the paradox of Buddha Dhamma. Only through Proper Meditation (Bhavana) can we gain Tranquility (Samatha) and Insight (Vipassana) into our True and Eternal Nature. 'Strive on with Diligence" those were the last words of Gotama Buddha. May we all aspire and find our True Nature.
—Guest Richard Tan (Dhammananda)

Buddha accepts reincarnation!!

I have read in your articles that Buddhists may not believe in reincarnation. It is completely wrong. Buddha completely believed in reincarnation. He himself got reincarnated many times to save the people of Earth from suffering!
—Guest ami

Please read original Buddhist texts

All misunderstandings of Buddhism can easily be cleared up by reading the most ancient of Buddhist texts: the Pali sutta's. These text's are the very core of where all Buddhist belief and practice originated, and there is no argument from any Buddhist school on that point. The arguments begin with the interpretation of those texts, and the subsequent ideas based on those interpretations (like the 'telephone' game you may have played as a child). There are several decent english language translations of these original sutta's, most notably by the monk/scholar/translator Bikkhu Bodhi. But even the best translation will be colored by that translators pre-conceived ideas and opinions about the text being translated, which is why most Buddhist monks (who aren't lazy) learn the Pali language so they can read it for themselves. It's an easy language to learn, and the Pali sutta's are available in complete form on the internet for free. Do some homework, and discard all Buddhist hearsay
—Guest DoYourHomework


It would be convenient if people could comprehend that nirvana does not mean "oblivion."
—Guest wurman

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