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Pure Lands


Pure Lands may sound heavenly, but they aren't exactly the equivalent of Heaven. What are Pure Lands?

Pure Land Buddhism
Buddhism Spotlight10

The Mindfulness Controversy, Part 1: Work and War

Mindfulness is being touted as a way to de-stress our jobs and make us all more productive employees. But this application of the Buddhist practice of mindfulness is not without its critics.

Nama-rupa: Name and Form

Nama-rupa is the mind-body, or name and form, that is an individual life.


Ksitigarbha is the iconic bodhisattva of the Buddhist hell realm. He is also called upon to guide deceased children and to protect travelers,

Icons of the Buddhist Hell Realm

Some major iconic figures of Buddhism are associated with the hell realm. Here are some beings you might meet if you go there.

Understanding the Buddhist Hell Realm

Does Buddhism teach that hell is a real place? Or is it an allegory of our psychological projections?

The Buddhist Hell Realm

Naraka, or the Buddhist hell realms, is a place of countless torments.

The Tibetan Buddhist Canon

The Tibetan Buddhist scriptural canon is in two parts, called the Kangyur and the Tengyur. Here is a basic introduction.

Review: The Making of Buddhist Modernism by David McMahan

David McMahan's The Making of Buddhist Modernism is recommended to anyone trying to understand today's Buddhism.

The Thirty-Two Marks of a Buddha

The 32 Marks of a Buddha are characteristics said to distinguish Buddhas from ordinary people.

Shakyamuni Buddha

Shakyamuni Buddha is name often given to the historical Buddha. This article discusses the significance of the name Shakyamuni.

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