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Pure Lands


Pure Lands may sound heavenly, but they aren't exactly the equivalent of Heaven. What are Pure Lands?

Pure Land Buddhism
Buddhism Spotlight10

Vajrayana: An Introduction

This is a brief introduction to basic Buddhist Vajrayana -- what is is, how it originated.

Celibacy in Buddhism

Here is a brief explanation of why some Buddhist monks and nuns are celibate, and also why some others are not.

Glossary of Defilements

In Buddhism the klesas or kilesas are mental defilements -- psychological hindrances, if you will -- that get in the way of our seeing reality as it is.

The Three Poisons

In Buddhism, the Three Poisons, or Three Unwholesome Roots, are the source of all "evil" and harmful attitudes.

Buddhist Meditation and the Dark Night

A "dark night" in this case is a disturbing or damaging meditation experience. How do these happen?

The Mindfulness Controversy, Part 2: Mindfulness Therapy

The Buddhist practice of mindfulness is becoming a common part of psychological therapy. Now there are claims mindfulness can be dangerous.

The Mindfulness Controversy, Part 1: Work and War

Mindfulness is being touted as a way to de-stress our jobs and make us all more productive employees. But this application of the Buddhist practice of mindfulness is not without its critics.

Nama-rupa: Name and Form

Nama-rupa is the mind-body, or name and form, that is an individual life.


Ksitigarbha is the iconic bodhisattva of the Buddhist hell realm. He is also called upon to guide deceased children and to protect travelers,

Icons of the Buddhist Hell Realm

Some major iconic figures of Buddhism are associated with the hell realm. Here are some beings you might meet if you go there.

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