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Readers Respond: Readers Talk About Equanimity

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From the article: Buddhism and Equanimity
Maintaining equanimity is a struggle for most of us. How do you work with equanimity in your life and practice? Share Your Practice

practice equanimity

Equanimity can be practised in all facets of life but its seed can be implanted through dhayan. Whenever pleasure arises as a result of attention in every part of body during vipassana, try not to enjoy but remain neutral. Similarly whenever pain arises due to long and motionless sitting , try to isolate mind from taking sensation of pain and remain neutral. In both case, you just remain reactionless observant. Then spread the same frame of mind afterwards while coming to karma also amid loss or gain, sorrow or happiness, condemnation or praise and so on. The root of its success lies in practice of afformentioned "reactionless awareness" technique by sitting because you can notice the same spirit itself gets wonderfully transferred to karma and demands only a little effort to remain equanimous.Note that it is always hard to initiate it but afterwards it is much easier. Wish you grand success in the path to Buddhahood .
—Guest Raju Pandey


It is the ability to recognize, as friends, all the "rock-solid" and "real" "enemies" and "horrible situations" Your mind creates. Recognize them as Your teachers, for all the world is Buddha Dharma, and every breath a lesson in the transitory "reality" of our hallucinatory Mara-mind. When the illusory nature of our mental formations is experienced, and form-realities transcended, equanimity and loving-kindness/compassion spring naturally forth. Really can't explain what it's like; but Your life is never the same.
—Guest donald cook

What equanimity means to me

Equanimity means maintenance of calmness and sanity of one's mind under any circumstances -- good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant.

equanimity !

Doing the right 'thing' at the right time, saying the right thing at the right time with full realization of the issues at hand and still reacting in a mindful way to the issue and condition. It is the most practical and useful way of demonstrating this important word, be it in english, pali or whatever. It is not a mystical term but proves a person's true status as a Buddhist and a person


Friends: Equanimity gives delicate Peace & Happiness! Equanimity (Upekkhā) entails a composed equipoise of solid mental balance! It is Tatra-majjhattatā = keeping to the moderate middle of all phenomena. Equanimity balances consciousness so it prevents both all excessiveness and any deficiency. In equanimity mind is neither attracted by attractive things, nor repelled by repulsive things. The cause of equanimity is seeing the law of kamma: All beings are born and created by their kamma, they are owners of their kamma, inherit their kamma, whatever they do, whether good or bad, the effects of that will be theirs only, following them like a shadow of past! The effect of Equanimity is threefold: Exquisite, relaxed & subtle peace felt as calm happiness is instantly gained. Equanimity purifies and completes all the 7 crucial Links to Awakening... Equanimity is the proximate cause of knowledge and vision (ñānadassana)! On the solidified & imperturbable mental balance of Equanimity (Upek
—Guest Dr. Aung Myat

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Readers Talk About Equanimity

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